A Segway Trail – An Exciting New Revenue Stream for your Property

A Diverse Solution

Holiday Resort, Farms and Outdoor Activity operators are now adding Segway Trails to their business, providing diversity and a point of difference for their operation. It’s a proven business model! The Segway Experience offers any operator the edge that they need for attracting more footfall and revenue.

People Love Segway!

The experience of riding a Segway is like no other, it really is a unique proposition. People just love Segway and the accessibility that it offers across all types of terrain in all kinds of weather! Segway Forestry trails and off-road treks provide customers with an opportunity to explore the beautiful countryside.

Start Your Segway Trail Business Here…

Once you have decided upon the location of your Segway Trail attraction, there are a number of things to consider such as local permissions  and approvals (from private land owners) , planning permissions, insurances and liability waivers.

We strongly recommend that you consult with a solicitor to advise you on  public liability insurance and any related waivers and disclaimers.

After establishing the local land permission and understanding the insurances for your Segway business, you will then be required to contact Segway UK on 0114 322 0583 for approval.  Our team will visit and survey your location and assess the proposed trail and operation, this is usually just a formality and can be covered in a 2-3 hour site meeting.