Police use Segway x2’s for Patrolling in Newquay

Over the summer months Newquay police will be patrolling the sand on Segway to help reach anyone who finds themselves in need.

During July, August and September trained officers will have access to a Segway, provided free of charge by Segway UK, as an additional resource for their community policing.

The Segway will primarily be used for searching for missing people on the beaches around the resort and will also be used for public reassurance and crime prevention patrols by neighbourhood officers on all beaches between Crantock and Watergate Bay.

Newquay is famous for its outstanding beaches which at low tide cover several square miles and run along a strip of coastline that can be challenging to patrol. The Segway x2 Patroller, which has been fitted with off road tyres for use on the sand, will be well suited to beach patrols as it is small, quiet, environmentally friendly and visible and will allow convenient access to beach areas that would not be possible with a four wheel drive vehicle. Recent examples of incidents where the Segway would be beneficial include reuniting young children missing along the beach.

Inspector Dave Meredith said: “This is a new approach to policing our beaches and I am delighted that Newquay police have embraced the use of a Segway to enhance our patrol cover of the town’s beaches.

“The Segway supports the force’s green agenda and gives local officers the ability to search and patrol large beach areas that would otherwise be challenging to access. It will enable officers to talk to visitors and residents throughout the beach areas, and have a positive impact on public confidence.”

The use of the Segway will be confined to occasional beach patrols and will not be used to patrol pavements, roads, nor the town centre.

Officers will be required to complete an induction course covering the safe use of a Segway before using it for operational duties.

Inspector Meredith added:

“I would like to express my thanks to Acting Sergeant Tony Hannaford who has worked tirelessly to implement the Segway in Newquay, and also to Dave Smith from Segway UK for assisting with the provision of the Segway.”

Dave Smith, of Segway UK said:

“Segway UK the sole distributor of Segway products in the UK and Republic of Ireland are delighted to support Devon and Cornwall Police by supplying the Segway Personal Transporter on loan for a pilot project to use on the towns beaches for the 2016 summer season.

The Segway X2 Patroller is well suited to this type of terrain and will assist the Police in high visibility patrols and community policing. Over 1,800 police forces throughout the world successfully operate Segway’s for community policing and traffic control with Newquay Police being the first in the UK to operate them on a day to day basis interacting with the public”.