Electric Scooters for Food Company

Getting around their production and warehouse facilities has become a much simpler task thanks to Proper Pasty Companys investment in Ninebot G30s, saving valuable transit time on their busy site.

“As the pandemic hit, our business model changed and our food home delivery service took off like a rocket!  This placed extraordinary demand on the business during lockdown so we had to move quickly,  with the fleet of 5 Ninebot G30 Electric Scooters transit times between departments has been cut in half, our production and frozen storage sites are extremely busy and we need to transfer packaging, paperwork and products much quicker than we ever did before”

“The G30 offers a much more economical, convenient and environmentally friendly mode of transport to our operatives who would otherwise be running around between departments or driving company vehicles”

“Our new food business venture https://www.properpasty.co.uk/collections/pasties-by-post delivers frozen cornish pasties to consumers and requires a fast moving workforce to cope with the overall demands of an express next day frozen food delivery model, the Ninebot product provides us with the edge and offers small daily savings through efficiencies which add up over the space of a year”