Electric Scooter UK Trial

Electric Scooters and Kickscooters close to Government Approval in the UK


In light of the governments announcement to accommodate safer modes of personal transport as a result of the (coronavirus) Covid-19 pandemic, we are delighted to hear Grant Shapps reveal plans to fast-track the kickscooter (e-scooter) trials on public highways and cycle paths in the UK today.  This will bring UK escooter rental trials forward from 2021 to June 2020 in several key UK cities.

Given the current problem with crowded modes of transport in the UK and maintaining social distancing, the trials are intended to provide a safe, convenient and low emission form of transport for members of the public to access workplaces and public spaces.

Recent data published by App Figures reveals that new demand for electric scooters has seen overnight growth ‘post-lockdown’ in the US.  Demand for Kickscooters/Electric Scooters has grown as people look for safe ways to travel in a social distancing world.

Kickscooter Rental App Download Growth in the US

The table below shows the growth of Google map usage as people start to come out of lockdown, signalling that transport is likely to see a surge albeit in a more contained manner.

Google Maps Growth Post Lockdown

This report also reveals that new app downloads from Bird, Lime and Spin have increased from 4,000 per day to almost 18,000 per day which is a huge contrast to the app abandonment seen as lockdown was rolled out in March/April 2020.

e-scooter rental apps table

Todays announcement comes as the UK government is poised to announce measures to relax the current ‘stay at home’ lockdown status, with view to eventually easing people back to work and to allow some consumer outlets to reopen.

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