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The environmentally-friendly, electrically powered Segway Personal Transporter (Segway PT) is a novel and alternative form of personal mobility transportation. The Segway PT can take you places that a car or bicycle can't - including inside many businesses, airports and office buildings. Although they're ideal for short jaunts, Segway PTs can travel as far as 24 miles/38 km on a single battery charge, depending on terrain, payload, and riding style. While a Segway PT is incredibly fun to ride, it is serious transportation designed for today's world.



The all new SE Personal Transporters (PTs) i2 & x2 models are now available for purchase. Based very heavily on the current generation products with several important enhancements: an improved LeanSteer, integrated “gliding lights” for improved visibility and a wider foot panel for enhanced user comfort. These new models utilize the same fundamental innovative balancing technology and safety features that the second generation models have.


As the official sole UK Distributor any products not bought from ourselves or from our Authorised Segway PT Dealerships will not have the benefit of the Segway PT warranty within the UK.



Please note that at this moment in time as the Segway PT is not yet classified under any UK law, the Department for Transport have said that they are not allowed to be used in public areas such as the roads or pathways. We are working with the DfT to get the Segway PT sanctioned for use only on the roads and cycle ways. For now a rider should only use their Segway PT on private property.